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The News Media has spent considerable time in the last 2 years talking about Coronavirus, mask wearing, social distancing, states shutting down business, the lockdowns of communities, and the complete stoppage  of social gatherings, concerts, festivals, venues, and live music.

But the time has come to open up our businesses and venues. To safely gather - and by all means let our musicians play music live again, with audiences safely in attendance!

We ask all Media, TV, Radio, Magazines, News, or Content Creators - whether it's online or via traditional Media delivery platforms, including social media, podcasters, show hosts, social influencers, celebrities, and content creators - to throw some love our way and help us get the word out about this project - that #LiveMusicIsEssential.


We followed President Biden's request to "mask up" for 100 days (from Jan. 20th to Apr. 29th, 2021). But now it's time to put the Covid pandemic behind us, and #UnmaskTheMusic


The time has come for President Biden and all State governors to change the status of musicians and venues to "essential" via executive order, if they haven't done so yet, and stop the continued shutdowns of the live music industry, and the theft of Bands & Artists primary income source.

Sign The Declaration Of Independents!


When Media joins our quest with The New Music Revolution and promotes our events like the upcoming Unmask The Music Festival, they will be performing an immense service to music Fans, and to music Artists that have suffered complete income loss due to Covid19 shutdowns. Start now and:

*  Become A Revolutionary Media Affiliate
*  Help Fans Discover amazing new
    Independent Bands & Artists

*  Help musicians 
    #UnmaskTheMusic in 2022

*  Let your voice be heard, and tell
    President Biden and all State
    Governors that #LiveMusicIsEssential
*  Spread the word about The New Music
    Revolution and our 3 major events this 
    year to help Artists perform live again.
If you are involved in any media or online content creation, please contact us today to set up an interview or a feature:

Help Musicians' Voices Be Heard


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Step 1:
Become A Media Affiliate And Help Unmask The Music

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Step 2:

Do An Interview Or Feature

And Let Music Fans Know... 

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Step 3:
Help Us Safely Bring Back Live Music & Artist Touring