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"My inclination is in the first day I'm inaugurated to say, I'm gonna ask the public for 100 days, to mask, just 100 days, to mask, not forever, just 100 days..."

President Joe Biden - CNN Interview - 12/3/21

"Over the last 2 years since the Covid 19 pandemic has swept the world, hundreds of thousands of small businesses have shut down across the globe due to government mandates, or closed and gone out of business forever. But what is a touring artist or a music venue, if not a small business? 
In the last 20 years, an Artists' primary source of income went from selling records and CD's, to selling single digital downloads, to streaming subscriptions. So much so that streaming has now taken over 78% market share of the consumer music market.
And recently efforts to save venues from closing down permanently has spawned several organizations seeking a $15 billion Covid Relief fund from congress. But none of that goes to Artists.
So where's the effort to support the Artists?
Without Bands & Artists, there is no music. No Songs. No Live performance!

Uunfortunately, streaming pays very little to artists - fractions of a penny for a spin, though the labels still make money from it (85% of the payout, plus recoupables taken from the Artist royalty). This is why Touring and live performance is now the primary source of income for Bands & Artists in the last 10 years, while streaming royalties are small and a very unfair payout to Artists.  
Now throw Corona into the mix, and the government's labeling of musicians, concert series, festivals and venues as 'non-essential', has all but decimated the livelihood of performing artists and the music industry. Especially Independent Artists. It is time to re-open our venues and concerts, let our musicians tour and earn a living, and let fans safely attend live music again - by their own choice.

On 1/20/21, newly sworn in US President Joe Biden asked America to "Mask Up" for 100 days. The hundred days ended on 4/29/21. One year later as of Jan 20, 2022, masking and vaccine mandates are still being pushed in many states.
We ask President Biden to keep his word, and all Governors to change their Covid 19 Executive orders - to change the Covid status of musicians and venues to 'essential' , and ensure their freedom to exercise their constitutional right to play music in public, and that fans have the right to gather and listen. To stop taking away their livelihood through unconstitutional mandates.
It is time for Federal and State government to..."

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Thom Sequoia - Musician & Founder Of The New Music Revolution and the Unmask The Music project

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