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In the last 2 years since the Covid pandemic started, the live music industry has lost over 20 billion dollars. For independent artists, the lockdowns and mandates have literally robbed both local and touring artists of the ability to ply their craft, and to make a living for themselves and family.

This is why The New Music Revolution, and the Unmask The Music projects are taking matters into our own hands, 
and why we have created 3 major events for 2022, to help Unmask The Music, where Artists can perform and be paid fairly, and where fans can pledge for their favorite Artists.

Not only will we be launching several Kickstarter campaigns during 2022 , but we have created a new innovation called  "In-Kickstarter Events". What's that you say, what the hell does that mean?

It means we are not asking you to pledge money on kickstarter and get rewards for an imagined future event. It means we will have live festival performances during the actual Kickstarter campaign, so you can make pledges and get rewards (i.e. the live music event will happen while the kickstarter campaign is still going.)

Only you can help put the music industry back in the hands of the Music Artists and the Fans, where it has always belonged - not in the hands of some corporate conglomerate who doesnt care about the Bands & Artists, the fans, or the music! 
And when you make a pledge, you will recieve awesome rewards (see some of the rewards in the column to the right), so make a pledge today and help us unmask the music...



When you make a pledge to support Artits in our upcoming Unmask The Music Festival events, you can receive awesome rewards:

*  Become an Unmask The Music 
    Revolutionary Affiliate

*  Join us in letting President Biden,
    congress, and all State Governor's
    know that  #LiveMusicIsEssential

*  Pledge and gain access to each of
    our Unmask The Music Events and
    Festival Performances

*  Get a backstage pass to the Festival
    and interact with your favorite
    Bands & Artists behind the scenes

*  Watch the Unmask The Music
    Festival Performances both live 
    and online

*  Get digital copies of the Unmask
    The Music compilation album's

*  Get future private performances
    from participating Bands, or host a
    House Concert

*  Get cool T-shirts and swag

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Kickstarter 1:
Summer 2022
Unmask The Music 

Kickstarter 2:
Summer 2022
The New Music Revolution -
Top 100

Kickstarter 3:
Fall 2022
A Song
The West