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Music Fans rejoice! The Unmask The Music Festival is coming this summer 2022 for it's Inaugural debut - the first of 3 major events planned this year as part of The New Music Revolution.

Support your favorite Bands & Artists and let's bring back live music now! Because we believe that #LiveMusicIsEssential, and because it's time to #UnmaskTheMusic.

Check out some of the great Artists below that we are reaching out to, to join our Artist Festival Line-Up. Check back often over the next few months, as we add more Bands & Artists and finalize the list.

And please, show your support by going to our Kickstarter page and making a pledge, where you can get rewards and backstage pass access to the festival, as well as digital albums, podcast interviews, merchandise, or make a donation to the
In-Kickstarter Campaign live festival performances.

Let's show the world that live music is essential!


The New Music Revolution is launching the first of it's 3 major events in 2022 - The Unmask The Music Festival  President Joe Biden asked America to "mask up" for 100 days when he took office to help curb the Coronavirus. This was from Jan. 20th - Apr. 29th, 2021.

We followed that advice, and in fact Independent Music Artists and Venues have been shut down now for over 2 years, with Artists unable to Tour or even perform locally due to state Governors Executive Orders preventing group gatherings, and requiring masking and social distancing. This created a devastating loss of income to Artists as they were told they were "non-essential".

But this summer we will launch the Unmask The Music Festival  project, in celebration of the Bands & Artists contribution to society as "Essential", and as a transition into the post Covid lockdown era

Soon you will be able to click here to see the Music Festival Events Schedule, so stay tuned...


Festival Events & Schedules Coming Soon
Bands & Artists

Here's some of the great Bands & Artists we have invited, or are in the process of inviting to perform during the Festival. Stay tuned as we invite and confirm these great Bands, Singer-Songwriters, and performers