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Fans are the lifeblood of musician support.
By joining us for our Unmask The Music - 100 Days project, you will be helping us show that #LiveMusicIsEssential, and helping your favorite Bands & Artists to be able to start playing music live again, both locally and on Tour.

Whether you participate and watch Artists perform live, or online during the Unmask The Music - 100 Days, you can show your support of the creators of the music by pledging to our Kickstarter project, where you will receive awesome rewards and even direct interaction with your favorite Bands & Artists, depending on your pledge level.
When you make a Kickstarter pledge, not only do you help Bands & Artists who are suffering job loss from not being able to tour due to Covid 19 for the last year, but you help to put control of the music industry back in the hands of Bands/Artists, and Fans - where it should be - instead of to the corrupt major label contracts, where artists are unfairly compensated for their work!

Humans need live music. Are you ready to join us in 2021 for the Unmask The Music -100 Days scheduled events? See ya there!


When Fans join The New Music Revolution and participate in our events like the upcoming Unmask The Music Festival,

they can do this:

*  Become A Music Revolutionary


*  Discover amazing new Independent 

    Bands & Artists

*  Help musicians

    #UnmaskTheMusic for 100 days

*  Let your voice be heard, and tell

    President Biden and all State

    Governors that #LiveMusicIsEssential 


*  Help change independent musicians

    and venues' lockdown status to

    "essential", so Artists can safely

    perform and earn a living again

*  Become part of the Music Revolution    

    Insider Fanbase Network & gain   

    insider views, swag, rewards, and music

    of your favorite Bands Artists through 

    Kickstarter pledges

Music Fans


Bands I - Music Revolution - Imagine Dra

Step 1:
Fans Join The Revolution And Help Unmask The Music

Artist N - Music Revolution - Willie Nel

Step 2:
Fans Get Socially Connected

& Share Their Favorite Bands 

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Step 3:
Fans Participate In Events & Pledge Crowdfunding