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The New Music Revolution, and the Unmask The Music project are nothing without music artists, bands, songwriters, performers, and instrumentalists - writing, recording, and performing live music.
IN FACT, without Music Artists and Fans, there is no music industry! Without Bands & Artists, record labels and venues DO NOT EXIST!
So when record labels completely screw artists and pay them a 12% royalty on any revenue generated of the artists' creative output (and then the labels keep 85% of the revenue, and on top of that all label expenditures spent on the artists are 100% recoupable from the artist royalty before the Artist is paid a dime) - we think it's time for the music industry to start putting Bands & Artists first.
Or when venues formed unions during the Corona shutdown, and then recieve $15 billion dollars in Covid relief from Congress in the new 2 Trillion $ Covid Relief bill, but not a cent goes to the Artists - we have to ask - who is taking care of the Bands & Artists?

This is why at The New Music Revolution, we pay Artists an unheard of 50% of all Net Revenue, on every project we stage. We ask all Bands & Artists to join us this year as we launch our 3 big events, starting with the Unmask The Music Festival - and start getting paid fairly!

It's time to put the music industry back in the hands of the Music Artists and the Fans where it belongs!



When Bands / Artists join The New Music Revolution and participate in our events like the upcoming Unmask  The Music Festival, you can do this:

*  Become a Rev Artist Affiliate

*  Create original music & songwriting

*  Record original music
*  Go On Tour  / Get $ Sponsored

*  Perform at our Events & Festival's

*  Submit, Get Nominated, & Win a   
    spot in The Music Revolution -
    Top 100

*  Become part of the Revolutionary   
    Artist / Fanbase Network & gain   
    access to a combined Artist     
    fanbase in the millions

*  Help #UnmaskTheMusic and   
   change independent musicians and     venues lockdown status to
   "essential" so Artists can perform   
   and make a living again, and fans
   can safely enjoy live music

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Join The Revolution and Submit Bio & Music

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