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Project 1:
The Unmask The Music Festival

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A Song for The West - A Multi Artist Son

Project 2:
The New Music Revolution - Fan Voted Top 100

Project 3:
A Song For The West


You're an Artist or Band, or a music Fan, right? Well so are we! The creators and team of The New Music Revolution (and The Unmask The Music Festival) are full of musicians and music peeps from all genres and tastes in music. We are you and you are us!

And we care about music. And what's been happening in the music industry over the last ten years. And what the next ten years will bring. And we think that Bands & Artists are pretty tired of getting shafted when it comes to contracts with Record Labels, recoupables, being shelved, crappy pay for live performance, or  minuscule payouts for streaming!

And then there's Coronavirus, and the politics of mask wearing, social distancing, and venues and live music being deemed "non-essential" by the government, to the tune of billions of dollars lost, hundreds of thousands of support jobs lost, and the complete devastation of touring artist income.

So we brainstormed... a lot. And came up with 3 cool events for 2022, and a model that helps generate opportunities and income for Bands & Artists, and pays a full 50% of ALL Net Revenue to the Bands & Artists first - before anyone else gets paid. (Just so you know, that's pretty unheard of, since streaming pays almost nothing even for millions of views, and record labels only pay a 10-15% royalty on any revenue generated of the artists' creative output, and then the labels keep 85% of the revenue, including streaming,  and on top of that all label expenditures spent on the artists are 100% recoupable from the artist royalty before the Artist is paid a dime)
So... of course we think it's about time to start putting Bands & Artists first.
But we didn't just sit around complaining while we strum our guitar. No, we decided to take action and use our creativity and business know-how, and not only created a very dynamic model that puts artists first - but we also went to work to build the thing... the thingy bobber... this thingamajig!

It ain't Christmas until December... but go ahead, open our gift to you now and enjoy the hell out of it!


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Thom Sequoia - Acoustic Sessions at Art

Thom Sequoia Kratochvil has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years, and was born with the soul of a musician and a creator... pretty much since birth. Music, Songwriting, and Entrepreneurship are his passions.
It's always nice to know who is steering the ship. Especially since the music industry has found itself smashed into a giant iceberg of self destruction in freezing cold shark infested waters, and Thom intends to help a few thousand of the best Independent musicians (and millions of music fans) from all genres, to steer clear and help guide this particular ship back into a warm tropical paradise!

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Current Projects

Thom Is Working On:

Music Revolution Media Logo.png

Thom is the Founder and CEO of Music Revolution Media, LLC. Thom and associates have been developing the ideas behind Music Revolution Media for the last 10 years, doing research and model development in response to the complete music industry upheaval in the digital age, culminating recently with the "non-essential" status placed on musicians and venues - preventing them from performing in 2020 / 2021 and beyond due to the Coronavirus outbreak and political hijacking of the pandemic.


Unmask The Music 5 - Circle Logo.png

Project 1:
The Unmask The Music

The New Music Revolution Top 100 Logo.pn

Project 2:
The New Music Revolution - Fan Voted Top 100

A Song for The West - A Multi Artist Son

Project 3:
A Song For The West

Recent Companies & Projects

Thom Has Worked On:


Thom has been the Executive Director of the first Yamaha Music School franchise in the USA since Jan 2020, and has helped to create the Yamaha Young Music Explorers and the Yamaha Youth Music Makers programs, as well as being the Host of the Yamaha Music School - Discover The Music In You Video Podcast Show.

AcoustiHouse logo 3.png

Thom is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Acoustihouse Concert Productions. The concert promotion company is now in it's 27th year, and has organized and presented over 100 Concerts, Concert Series, and Festival events, on both a local and Regional level, and has worked with and helped promote hundreds of touring Bands & Artists over the years.


Thom is the Original Music Soundtrack composer of the recently released Indie Video Game: Echoes Of Aeons.  The game garnered several Awards in 2020, including:
*  Indie Dev World Order - Action RPG Game Of The Year Winner
*  Reached #2 on the Touch Arcade Hot Games Chart
*  The Apple App charts:
          #2 Apple App chart Greece

          Top 10 - Apple App charts in: Spain, France, UAE
          Top 25 - Apple App charts in: US, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, 
                        South Africa, Poland, and other countries


As a Singer / Songwriter, Thom Sequoia has toured the Western US, and also wrote the country song Little Hands. The song was nominated in Branson MO, as original song of the year, and has been performed on stage every week for the last 15 years as part of the Hughes Brothers Theatre Shows. (Originally the Roy Clark Jr. Theatre). As a song included in the show, the show has won more than 10 different top show of the year awards through the last 15 years.

Past Companies

Thom Has Worked For:

Thom has worked for corporations in Sales, Marketing, Retail Management, and Executive Management over the last 30 years. Here are a few of the companies he has worked for in leadership positions...

Guitar center black background logo.jpeg
FYE logo 4.jpg
lids logo.png
Stores online crexendo logo.png

Other Entrepreneurial Projects:

Thom was a Founding Partner or on the Executive Board for these entrepreneurial endeavors:

THE SUN - AM 960 Logo.png

VP Marketing & On Air Radio Show Host

Apeus Website logo #1.gif

VP Music, A&R,
& Marketing

Art City Musicfest logo 2.png

Founding Board member

The Million Dollar Songwriters Podcast.p

Creative Producer &

Show Co-Host

FB Live logo 2.png

Some Of The Places Thom Sequoia

Has Performed

Thom has been blessed to be able to play music in many states in the USA, and also in Mexico and Chile. Here are some of the cool venues Thom has performed his original music at...

The Owl bar Sundance logo.jpg
Santa Cruz Coffeee roasting logo.jpeg
West Coast Songwriters logo.jpg
Freight & Salvage logo.jpeg
Homestead Resort Logo.png

Summer Concert Series

Songwriters In The Round

Velour logo.jpg

Guest Performer

Teton Village logo.jpeg

Cafe Concerts


House Musician

Songwriters Assoc of Washington Logo - A
Provo Freedom Festival AH1.jpg

Unity Group

Summer Solstice

UK / Ireland

A YMS featured on Good Day Utah Fox 1.pn

Events Or Concert Promotions Thom Created Or Worked On With AcoustiHouse Concerts

AcoustiHouse logo 3.png

After 75 Events, the AcoustiHouse Team has had the opportunity to create or help promote many cool events, concert series, and festivals. We have also worked with and generated income for hundreds of Bands & Artists. 

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