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100 DAYS TO...
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Begins Oct 13,  2021

The New Music Revolution Presents
Unmask The Music Festival
 Starts Jan. 20th, 2021
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""The first of our 100 day challenges, is... I'm asking every American to mask up for the
next 100 days... our national plan launches a full scale war time effort... this is a wartime undertaking...""

CNBC Broadcast - President Joe Biden 1st Day In Office - 1/20/21

On 1/20/21, Newly sworn in US President Joe Biden asked America to "Mask Up" for 100 days. This we the independent musicians have done. The hundred days requested by the President ended on 4/29/21.
From that day forward through 2021 begins our campaign to #Unmask The Music! We ask President Biden to keep his word, and for all State Governors to change their Covid 19 Executive Order guidelines  

to recognize that...

and to help...


Creating new music is what music artists and bands do. Helping performing artists & bands get paid fairly and make money so they can continue to make music is what we do.

The New Music Revolution is inviting all Independent Bands & Artists to join us in 2021 as we safely bring back music touring and #unmaskthemusic


Performing at local venues, or going on tour, is the primary source of revenue for artists today. So being deemed non-essential by federal and state governments and completely shutting down venues and artist touring - has decimated the independent music industry.


That's why we believe



We have over 25 years of concert promotion,  festival organization, and touring experience, and we have promoted and worked with hundreds of Bands & Artists. But we know that without amazing Fans, Media, & Sponsors who share the music, we cannot survive as music artists. We invite anyone who loves music to join us in support of our Unmask The Music Festival events

Unmask The Music 2021

Pres. Biden's 
"Mask Up - 100 Days"
mandate supposed
to end

April 29, 2021

"Unmask The Music - 100 Days"

Oct 13 - Jan 20, 2021

The Music

Starts Jan 20, 2022

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